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With a long and successful record investing in Israeli and Israel-related investments as well as special expertise in distress investing and special situations, Maoz Everest Funds Management offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in its private investment partnerships.

Following enduring and successful investment funds focusing on special situations and Israeli and Israel-related companies, the partnership run by Everest is currently focused on the Credit Fund.

The market size for credit loans in Israel is $85 Billion with 97% of the market controlled by the banking system. In response to recent reforms in local laws and regulations, the loan market has opened to non-bank institutions. There is a growing demand for non-bank loans as a result of the capital adequacy requirements, and because of the inability of the banking system to thoroughly analyze, understand and address the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises quickly and efficiently.

More funds focusing on investment strategies within the team’s core expertise will be launched in the future.

Everest Credit Fund

This non-bank loan and credit fund was created to provide short-term loans and credit solutions for SMBs. Investment in the fund is for accredited investors only.
Types of loans include: Credit for export, M&A, bridge financing, suppliers, machines and production lines and growth capital.


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Founder, Chairman & CEO of Maoz Everest Fund Management and Board Member of Everest Corporate Finance

As an active manager of the General Partner, which managed and manages private limited partnerships, Mr. Maoz has executed over 30 investments in American, European and Israeli companies. In the majority of the investments, Mr. Maoz played an active role in cases that included turnarounds, restructuring and bankruptcy/liquidation. Mr. Maoz has been active in special situations, both in and out of bankruptcy, as a director or an active shareholder in order to unlock value for investors. He has substantial experience in most aspects of this field and serves as chair of a number of companies within the Everest Group and outside of it. Mr. Maoz has a B.Sc. in Engineering from King’s College of the University of London and served as commanding officer and a team leader in the Israeli Special Forces.