US investment in Israel

Israel has a unique entrepenrial spirit, and a workforce that is not only highly educated and skilled, but which undergoes a unique initiation into organizational responsibility and authority in the IDF. The Israeli government has sought to leverage these advantages by heavily investing in scientific research and education, with incredible results. It is no wonder that Israel is a world innovation leader in various sectors, earning the moniker “the start-up nation”. Nor is it any wonder, given strong Israeli-U.S ties, and the presence of hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens in the States and hundreds of thousands of American citizens in Israel that U.S investment in Israel accounts for nearly two thirds of the R&D centers established by multinational companies in Israel – or that Israel has the third highest number of international companies listed on NASDAQ (following China and the USA itself). Of course, this focus on innovation and start-up companies comes with quite a bit of creative destruction – most start-up companies do fail, after all, with the knowledge, expertise and accumulated wisdom of their founders and employees recycled into new corporate frameworks – or else revived under corporate rescue schemes.

Nor is it just high-tech and cutting-edge innovation. Israel’s services and financial sector, as well as other more traditional sectors ranging from agriculture to manufacturing, have drawn increasing international attention.

Whether you are looking for a brand new start-up, a leaky corporate vessel you can set aright, or a chance to be a part of one of Israel’s traditional industries the important thing is working with an investment house which has the acumen, experience and personal connections to separate the wheat from the chaff and the real opportunities Israel has to offer from the risky pitfalls an unwary investor in a foreign land and culture might stumble upon.

Everest is that investment house.

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Founder, Chairman & CEO of Maoz Everest Fund Management and Board Member of Everest Corporate Finance

As an active manager of the General Partner, which managed and manages private limited partnerships, Mr. Maoz has executed over 30 investments in American, European and Israeli companies. In the majority of the investments, Mr. Maoz played an active role in cases that included turnarounds, restructuring and bankruptcy/liquidation. Mr. Maoz has been active in special situations, both in and out of bankruptcy, as a director or an active shareholder in order to unlock value for investors. He has substantial experience in most aspects of this field and serves as chair of a number of companies within the Everest Group and outside of it. Mr. Maoz has a B.Sc. in Engineering from King’s College of the University of London and served as commanding officer and a team leader in the Israeli Special Forces.