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Israel has become renowned over the past few decades as the Strat Up Nation – the place where brilliant ideas bloom and are sold off at massive profits to leading technology companies around the world, reaping massive dividends for those who get in on the ground floor – or else crash and burn. Startups are, after all, high-risk, high-gain investment opportunities.

But It is not just the Silicon Wadi – Israel offers many opportunities to profitably, and responsibly, invest your capital and reap the rewards in lower risk ventures. Provided, that is, that you have the local partner with the knowledge, connections, and dedicated and experienced team capable of separating the gold from the dross.

Everest specializes in cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance Advisory as well as private placements.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With our deep knowledge of the Israeli market and key players, we can give you the edge you require to identify the best opportunities and optimally leverage your position during, and after, negotiations, and acquisition. Over the past 2 years our dedicated teams have facilitated the closing of 25 deals.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Our dedicated experts provide holistic financial consulting services, as well as expertise in execution for various financial processes including both the aforementioned mergers & acquisitions as well as capital raising, divestitures, privatizations, project finance andpublic private partnership services.In addition, we provide long-range, comprehensive, business strategy reviews.

Private placements

Everest’s dedicated experts specialize in identifying and negotiating with the right pre-selected investors and institutions to whom specific stock shares or bonds can be sold under optimal conditions. As in many other aspects of finance in Israel, it is all about the personal connections and in-depth knowledge of the local market.

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Founder, Chairman & CEO of Maoz Everest Fund Management and Board Member of Everest Corporate Finance

As an active manager of the General Partner, which managed and manages private limited partnerships, Mr. Maoz has executed over 30 investments in American, European and Israeli companies. In the majority of the investments, Mr. Maoz played an active role in cases that included turnarounds, restructuring and bankruptcy/liquidation. Mr. Maoz has been active in special situations, both in and out of bankruptcy, as a director or an active shareholder in order to unlock value for investors. He has substantial experience in most aspects of this field and serves as chair of a number of companies within the Everest Group and outside of it. Mr. Maoz has a B.Sc. in Engineering from King’s College of the University of London and served as commanding officer and a team leader in the Israeli Special Forces.