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It’s been a hell of a year, hasn’t it? Not for Israeli startups, it hasn’t. In spite of the pandemic and a global economic slowdown, Israel’s startups have broken all previous funding records in 2020 – and also yielded 19 IPOs. Not bad for a regular year, but a testimony to the sangfroid attitude of Israeli investors, and the resilience and adaptability of Israeli innovation in the face of adversity. Maybe it’s the inuring effect of enduring periodic wars. Be that as it may, Israel’s high-tech sector, and Israel’s economy in general, have emerged unphased from the pandemic.

What excites Israeli investors?

A recent interview with leading Israeli investors uncovered a fascination with emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, seasoned by an abiding focus on Israeli staples such as cybersecurity, and a branching out into fintech and biotech companies. However, Israeli investors are more interested in the merits of specific ideas and companies than narrow categories. Boaz Dinte, of Qumra Capital, says what he is looking for is “companies that disrupt traditional industries while doing good and improving the quality of life”. For example, Qumra has heavily invested in Fiverr, which riled up the labor market by making talented people throughout the world readily accessible for anyone looking for a freelancer. Rafi Carmeli, of Viola Growth is interested in platforms that transform the way businesses operate and leverage their core assets, with a long-term impact on the global business ecosystem. Inbal Pearlman of TAU Ventures seeks companies synchronized with market trends – but only those answering real and abiding human needs, rather than a temporary hype.

As these brief examples demonstrate, Israeli investors can be an idiosyncratic bunch – you need the right approach to reach the investor that is right for your company. And that is where Everest comes in. We know the Israeli ecosystem, and we know the people. Contact us today to optimize your fundraising efforts in Israel.


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