Dr. Shimon Shapira

A former Military Secretary of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Shapira was a partner and director of Dover Tower Energy and previously held director positions in a credit insurance company, Ma’ariv newspaper, IES Technologies and 3- Pen Technologies.

Dr. Shapira holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Middle-Eastern Studies from Tel Aviv University.  He has an extensive record of public involvement and entrepreneurship, and has developed personal and significant relationships with the Israeli leadership over many years.

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Founder, Chairman & CEO of Maoz Everest Fund Management and Board Member of Everest Corporate Finance

As an active manager of the General Partner, which managed and manages private limited partnerships, Mr. Maoz has executed over 30 investments in American, European and Israeli companies. In the majority of the investments, Mr. Maoz played an active role in cases that included turnarounds, restructuring and bankruptcy/liquidation. Mr. Maoz has been active in special situations, both in and out of bankruptcy, as a director or an active shareholder in order to unlock value for investors. He has substantial experience in most aspects of this field and serves as chair of a number of companies within the Everest Group and outside of it. Mr. Maoz has a B.Sc. in Engineering from King’s College of the University of London and served as commanding officer and a team leader in the Israeli Special Forces.